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Transfer Research/Economy

S4L is made up of researchers from international and German universities, institutes of the Max Planck, Fraunhofer, and Helmholtz Societies as well as the three major manufacturers of medical products Siemens Healthineers, Bruker, and Bayer. In addition, there will be a campus-owned research hospital where large-scale studies can be conducted directly on site. Scientific findings can then be fed directly back into science and industry. S4L will thus pave the way for new biomedical products that will lead to new branches in the health industry and significantly improve public health and quality of life.

The close integration between basic research and industry is what makes S4L a unique endeavor. S4L thus combines an ambitious research mission with an innovative transfer concept between science, medicine, and industry. Many research projects end when it comes to putting the results into practice. We don't want the common walls between academic research and industry to form in the first place. In S4L, both academia and industry work together from the very beginning, as soon as new ideas emerge. This makes the development process of new technologies much more efficient; feasibility follows directly from development. The next big innovation, according to the vision, could no longer be 20 years away. Instead, it could be ten. Lives could be saved faster and the quality of life sustainably improved.

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