Our Projects

Spin for Life (S4L) aims at revolutionizing spin science in its full width and complexity, targeting disruptive innovations rather than incremental improvements. It combines an ambitious research mission that covers everything from fundamental research to translation with an innovative transfer concept between science, engineering, computing, medicine and industry. Such a concept uncovers new technologies, applications, products and markets but calls for a paradigm shift in large scale research facility structures. With S4L we build on typical strengths of German academia and industry in devising unparalleled instruments and devices. This will be achieved by

  • Mastering the current limits of quantum science by revolutionizing established spin techniques, e.g through hyperpolarization or spin entanglement.

  • Developing new quantum sensors built on progress in fundamental science and technology, as targeted probes of structure and function of complex materials.

  • Implementing quantum science in medicine by harnessing the spin effect to probe living matter on multiple scales in its full spatial, physical, chemical and cellular complexity, and modulate spin states for active control of chemical and biological processes.  

  • Aiming at disruptive innovations in physics and chemistry to advance non-invasive magnetic resonance (MR), beyond mere imaging, in multiscale molecular and metabolic analysis and diagnosis ranging from whole organs/tissues to biological cells and proteins.

  • Creating new analytical tools for life sciences, such as spin-based omics tools (“Spinbiomics”), that will solve the current problems in personalized and precision medicine and drug design.

  • Developing novel biomaterials for spin technologies leading to portable magnetic resonance devices and nanosensors together with smart materials for magnetic resonance compatible robots, prosthetic replacements, stents and pacemakers to be used at bedside or at the operating table.

  • Connecting quantum science and medicine by cutting edge computer science such as developments in quantum computing and artificial intelligence.

Overall, S4L will pave the way for new biomedical products leading to new branches in the health industry greatly improving public health and quality of life. Now is the perfect time to capitalize on ground-breaking spin science to invent novel technologies and devices in life sciences and medicine, which helps making Germany and Europe an unmatched scientific and industrial leader in analytical and biomedical technologies.

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