Spin for Life - Research for the medicine of tomorrow

Spin, as a given quantum mechanical property of particles, is the basis of complex matter, such as atoms, molecules, peptides, nucleotides, proteins and cells, and thus of all life. Spin determines the structure and controls the function of all matter. But it can also be used as a harmless, non-invasive sensor. This makes it possible, for example, to image dense, opaque tissue using magnetic resonance imaging.

We at Spin for Life (S4L) want to research and use these fundamental properties of spin. Despite great initial successes such as magnetic resonance imaging, we are still at the beginning of the possibilities here. We therefore want to bring together cutting-edge research from physics, chemistry, engineering, and computer science to achieve breakthroughs in spin research that will drive fundamental innovations in the life sciences and medicine.

Our vision: individualized, predictive and preventive medicine in smartphone format. Up to now, one uses a standard therapy for a disease. We want to create diagnostics and treatment that are perfectly tailored to the patient. Neurodegeneration, cancer, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases could be detected more quickly, before serious damage occurs. This is especially relevant in an ageing society. Even fitness and pandemic tests or therapy support from a distance would then be possible.


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